For the past year, the MEA’s Past State President’s Association has been working on the development of a new handbook that outlines the recommended duties and responsibilities of State Officers and Committees of the Maine Elks Association. The handbook is intended to serve as a supplement to the association’s bylaws which list only the duties and responsibilities of some of the state’s officers. The purpose of this booklet is to provide a definitive source of information on what each officer and committee should be doing to fulfill their duties throughout the year.

The project was organized by Past State President Wayne Cotterly, who compiled the handbook using recommendations from Past State Presidents and current State Committeemen, as well as the duties and responsibilities outlined in the association’s bylaws, the Grand Lodge Manuals, and past history of the state association.

The new handbook will be a helpful resource for new officers and committeemen to know what is expected of them when they take on a new role. It can also serve as a reminder to those who have held a position for a long time. If a new position needs to be filled, the question is usually brought up: What do I have to do? This handbook will easily answer that question. It also offers insight into the inner workings of the state association. The handbook is intended to be a living document, so if new committees are created, their duties and responsibilities can be added to the booklet. If a committee is removed, the information can also be removed from the document as well.

The new handbook can be found in the members only area of in the resources section. You can download or view the MEA Officer & Committee Duties & Responsibilities here.

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