Dear Maine Elks Association Members:

Since the last meeting I had my visit at Waterville where it started on Friday where we played LRC game after dinner with all the proceeds going to MCCP.

Our hotel was decorated in red and black plaid (which was the theme from National Convention).  They gave us a beautiful plaid bag with our names embroidered on it and inside was a plush plaid blanket and t-Shirt for both of us, with a plaid moose on it and our names and years we were State President.  A stuffed moose with a plaid jacket on it and more items. There were snacks and beverages as well as a vase of red and white flowers with a black bow accent to match the plaid theme.

Saturday night we had a wonderful meal cooked by our chefs Greg and Karen Grenier, and on the tables ER Jen had hand-made Moose so you could take one home for a donation to MCCP.  In the end our own Karen Grenier and Carlette Eaton donated extra money to round up the donation to MCCP up to an even $1,600!!  Along with the evening’s main focus on MCCP, ER Jen had recently been in a car crash and there was a donation jar for her that raised $650.00 to help her with medical expenses.

After I got roasted and toasted, we had a great DJ and Dave and I were crowned King and Queen of the Prom!

The next morning the Waterville Lodge hosted the Associations Spring meeting.  Thanks to everyone who attended and very special recognition goes to the Waterville members for their support to Dave this year as well as the great homecoming event they put together.

Our last visit was to Millinocket where Ron met us at the hotel.  It was St. Patrick’s Day weekend and I had forgotten to bring anything green!!  But in the room was a beautiful wooden tray made by Maine Heritage Timber Co. and on it was a GREEN scarf and hat along with two mug glasses and snacks.  The fridge was stocked with cold drinks to enjoy and the room had a beautiful vase of flowers.  We were able to relax for a little bit, then headed to the Lodge for homemade pizza, along with playing a few pull tabs.

The following day Ron and Michelle picked us up to take us to River Drivers Restaurant for a wonderful lunch.  We walked out through the gardens to the beach and got some wonderful pictures.  We next headed to Knife’s Edge Brewery where we took a tour of the brewery and were able to enjoy a few cold samples of their products.  We left the brewery and drove up to “The Rock(Pockwockamus Rock) for more photos – you usually can’t get there this time of year without a snowmobile!

We later went to the Lodge for their Installation of Officers that was performed by PER’s from other Lodges!  Afterwards we had a nice dinner and enjoyed the awards given out and then headed downstairs to listen to the DJ, who entertained us and I even danced with a Unicorn!! (You can ask Craig Johnson about that)  The following morning we went back to the Lodge for an “Irish breakfast” cooked by the Installing Officers!  Thanks Millinocket and the Installing Officers for a wonderful weekend!!

Congratulations to all the New Exalted Rulers and new Committee chairs.

I would like to thank Augusta Lodge for hosting my last meeting and thanks to all who have attended.  I can thank everyone for their support this year. The rest of my report is in the book!

Love to you all in Elkdom!  Sandi

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