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Lina Michaud, a native of Augusta, Maine, embodies the spirit of service and perseverance. She pursued her dreams of establishing a successful daycare while attending college classes at night. In 2010, her dedication culminated in a degree in human services, propelling her into a career as a licensed social worker and devoted advocate for children.

Recognized as the University of Maine in Augusta’s Alumni of the Year in 2022, Lina’s impact extends far beyond academia. With four children and four grandsons, she balances family life with an unwavering commitment to community service. As a past exalted ruler of the Elks and Maine State Elk of the Year, she spearheaded initiatives like the antler program for youth and the State scholarship chair, annually awarding $32k to graduating seniors.

Lina’s philanthropic efforts are wide-ranging, from volunteering at Togus for homeless veterans to founding the Greater Augusta back-to-school program. Her compassion shines through projects like the Maine Children’s Cancer Program weekend and winter coat drive, which have provided essential support to thousands. Lina Michaud’s selflessness and dedication make her a beacon of hope and inspiration, touching the lives of many through her kindness and generosity.

Hear how Lina’s Elk efforts led to  this distintion Lina’s radio Interview


Vassie Fowler serves as the dedicated Executive Director of Seeds of Hope in Biddeford, affectionately known as “Seeds” within the local community. In the face of Biddeford’s growing housing crisis, Seeds of Hope stands as a beacon of support for unhoused neighbors, offering essential services such as a continental breakfast and a warming center at night.

Vassie’s dedication to the mission of Seeds is evident in her unwavering commitment and countless hours of hard work. She organizes volunteers, advocates for funding to sustain the center, and amplifies the voices of those who may otherwise be forgotten in the community.

With compassion and determination, Vassie ensures that Seeds of Hope remains a safe and warm refuge for those in need, providing vital support to vulnerable neighbors during challenging times.

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