P.B. Homes, the Roaming Elk, has relocated to Old Town Elks Lodge #1287.

It was only a week ago that Bangor Elks Lodge members traveled to Ellsworth to capture the Roaming Elk trophy with 35 members, beating out the Old Town Lodge, which sent just over 20 members. While Old Town didn’t capture the trophy, they were not deterred from trying again. This week, Old Town Lodge members traveled to Bangor to attend the lodge’s “3-Card Rumble” in an effort to capture the trophy. They were serious about capturing the trophy at this event, as they sent 18 members to the lodge by bus. When they arrived, they met resistance from the Sebasticook Valley Lodge, who surprised everyone by sending 12 members of their own to capture the trophy. Under the rules, if more than one lodge attempts to capture the roaming elk, the lodge that sends the most members earns the opportunity to take the trophy back to their lodge. If there is a tie, then the lodge that traveled the furthest distance will capture the trophy.

The Roaming Elk Season officially ends on April 1st, so lodges have one month to capture the trophy and earn as many points as possible before that date. Once the season ends, the lodge in each district that has accumulated the greatest number of points during the year earns the right to have their lodge’s name engraved on the trophy.

This year, the Northern District has become very excited about the Roaming Elk Program, with lodges sending large contingents of members to capture the trophy. Over the past two weeks, nearly 100 members participated in the program, which is all about having the opportunity to visit other Elk Lodges, make new friends, have fun, and share in fellowship known as “brotherly love.”  Everyone who has participated in the program has had a great time!

What a great program the Roaming Elk is! The best people on earth!
–Michael Murphy, Lodge Esquire (Bangor)

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