Summer is over now, and here we go into fall and then winter.  Time sure flies when you’re having a good time in Elkdom!

On my last report I forgot to mention our visit to York, and for that I apologize.  Dave and I were met by ER John and he took us inside and introduced us to the members.  He presented me with a beautiful necklace and Dave with a nice watch.  Their Lodge has a few members from other states that happened to be in attendance and we got to meet them!  They had a delicious Luau dinner and ended it with desert!

August 5th we went to the Augusta Lodge and were met by ER Tim and First Lady Vicki.  They got us settled into our room where there was a beautiful basket of books, snacks, and beverages, but my favorite thing in it was a cutting board that had my name and State President engraved into it! After we rested for a short time, we went back to the Lodge for their Music Festival.  All the bands were good but the treat of the night was the Bob Seeger Tribute band!  After the group was done I got pictures with the band!!  What a night!

Our next visit was on August 16th and we went to the Wells Elks Lodge and ER Melinda and First Man Richard greeted us at the door.  They brought a chef up from Massachusetts who prepared a wonderful Italian meal for us and their members!  They even let Tom Chase help cook and clean up!!!   Melinda had a nice basket for us with Maine coffee mugs, two beautiful shirts embroidered with our Lodge and names on them, some scratch-off-tickets (that I won $50.00 on) and some nice beverages.   To top the night off we had fresh strawberry shortcake!

August 24th, we headed up to The Forks to raise some money for the MCCP Kids.  The weather Friday was pretty rough but no one let the rain dampen their fun.  I hope to hear this coming meeting in Sanford what the total is for the event!  As you well know I love raising money for our major project!

September 3rd, we drove the Camaro up to Bangor and entered it in to the Bangor Elks car show.  We enjoyed the day walking around looking at all the old cars, a few of us were interviewed by WABI TV and after the car show hung out with everyone, enjoying a drink or two.

September 8th and 9th we attended the MCCP Golf Tournament in Sanford!  PSP Bruce Brunelle met us at the campground to make sure we got settled in.  Our cabin was so nice, and the lodge provided a nice basket of goodies.  We sat out on the back porch and watched a storm come in, then went to the Lodge and had a nice dinner and raised some more money for the kids.  The following day we went to the golf course where we met up with Bruce and Lisa Brunelle and cooked hot dogs for all the golfers.  What a nice way to get to meet some of our fellow elks and raise some more money for the kids!  We then had a nice meal at the golf course and went back to the cabin.  There was quite a bit of money raised for the kids over the weekend but I do not want to say as I am sure the Sanford Lodge will be reporting on the totals soon.  On our way home we stopped in Augusta and attended the drug awareness seminar.

Sept 22nd and 23rd we went to the Old Town Lodge, ER Debbie met us at the Black Bear Inn where she had arranged a beautiful room and had a nice basket for us along with some snacks and beverages.  We also have new books to read and she also got us each a bell for our bikes to keep us safe!  She took us downtown to meet up with her husband Randy, Mindy Voisine and Jeff Bosse to have a nice dinner at Kanu restaurant.  We then went up to the rooftop to enjoy the beautiful evening and enjoy the fireworks.  The next day Debbie picked us up for the parade.  We all dressed up in different costumes of Lobsters and Light houses.  And she had a lobster hat for each of us.  And we rode on the float and had “bubble guns” to shoot bubbles at the kids to pop, and had beads to toss into the crowd.  After the parade we went to their Lodge and had a good time catching up with some old friends and met new ones from the lodge membership. Of course, we had to play a few pull tabs!  Mindy and Jeff took us back to the hotel for a rest, and picked us up again later for dinner and an evening at the Riverfest where Motor Boody Affair was playing and brought in quite a crowd

Sept 29th and 30th we drove to Houlton and met ER Elizabeth, Mike and Denise Hannigan and Mike Powers at the lodge.  We stayed with Mike Powers for our visit which was nice of him to offer up his home.   Mike and Denise came over to the house after we left the Lodge and we all enjoyed the beautiful charcuterie board full of about everything you could think of, along with a fruit bowl and some beverages.  The following day Liz picked us up for Breakfast at Brookside Inn with Mike, Mike and Denise.  Liz took us on a little tour of Houlton and then back to Mikes house for a break.  Latr in the evening Liz picked us up for the Murder Myster Dinner back at the lodge.  Denise had heard about Dave’s fall, and his stitches, and she incorporated it all into the Murder Mystery.  In the end it turned out that Dave was the Murderer, who knew he had it in him?!   The dinner, prepared by lodge members, was wonderful.  We went back down to the lounge to visit more before going back to Mike’s.  In the morning Mike cooked us a great breakfast before we left for home.

Thank you everyone for the great visits.  It was a busy couple of months but we enjoyed every minute of it along the way.

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