Grand Trustee Wayne Cotterly, who has been serving as the Building Applications member of the Board of Grand Trustee’s has put together a video presentation which provides an overview of the building permit application process that Elk Lodges will need to follow as required by Grand Lodge Statute 16.050. The video is approximately 22 minutes long, and explains the following:

  • The reasons the Grand Lodge requires a building permit.
  • The statutory basis for requiring a building permit application.
  • The types of projects that require a permit.
  • The process by which a Lodge must follow to propose and vote on a proposed project.
  • How to obtain a Permit Application
  • The Lodge’s responsibilities once it obtains a permit; and
  • Pro-Tips for completing the building permit application process

The video will hopefully allow Lodges, Officers, and Members to understand the requirements of the statute, make the process easier to understand, and to dispel any misconception that the process is difficult and is to be avoided. If you have questions on the building application process or the building permit application, please feel free to contact him at

The Video can be viewed here: Grand Lodge Statute 16.050: Building Permit Application Process: An Overview

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