The Sanford Elks Lodge is hosting the travelling Viet Nam Memorial Wall from September 7th to 10th and is looking for volunteers to assist in receiving an maintaining this precious display during it’s time here.
Dawna Legere is the point person putting together the suport team, and she will hold the first Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall meeting on Sunday, March 19th @ 2:00pm in the function room at the Sanford Elks at 13 Elm St in Sanford, ME.
Hosting the wall is a big undertaking and will take many people in support: Once here a team of strong folks is needed to manipulate the large, heavy panels during it’s erection.  Once up and open the wall is manned round-the-clock throughout the display period.
More information on this travelling experience may be gained at  ANYONE interested in participating in this huge event please come – We need you!
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