The Eleven O’clock Toast contest and Flag Presentation contest will be conducted at the Waterville Elks on Sunday, March 12, 2023.

Each will be two contests one for current Exalted Rulers and one for Past Exalted Rulers belonging to member lodges of the Maine Elks Association. The highest score of the two contests will represent the Maine Elks Association the Grand Lodge Contests in Minneapolis.  The Maine Elks Association is allowing $1,000.00 to each winner to cover 1 round trip airfare and room for 3 nights Saturday, Sunday, Monday.  Preliminary Contest is Sunday and finals are Monday with presentations on Tuesday. All Lodges having a member compete in these contests will be eligible for a 20 points in the All-American Lodge Contest for each contest participated in.

HERE are the ground rules as previously submitted to you for these contests.  We will have judges from the State of Maine. Remember, dress is suit coat and tie, no jeans and appropriate attire for the ladies. (If your lodge has lodge attire re: Blazers, etc that is fine)  No Esquire is required. No jewels are required but optional if you want to wear them.

Flag Presentation Contestants – remember to bring your own American Flag, neatly pressed. You can use your own candidate, but if you don’t have one, we have a member who will do it for all contestants.

All contestants – please arrive by 9:30 AM so we can discuss ground rules.


This is the schedule  (Scheduled according to Lodge #)

10 am

Eleven O’clock Toast contest: (* indicates Exalted Ruler)

Exalted Rulers

Joe Ritchey, Waterville #905*

Pam Heal, Rockland #1008*

Robert Shaw, Sanford #1470*

Roberta Ranger. Farmington #2430*

Past Exalted Rulers

Eric Robinson Bangor #244

Michael Hannagan, Houlton #835

Ronald Smith, Waterville #905

Carlette Eaton Waterville #905

Adam Brock, Sanford #1470

Sheila Pillsbury, Sanford #1470

Aaron Allumbaugh, Farmington #2430


Flag Presentation Contest:

Pam Heal, Rockland #1008*

Robert Shaw, Sanford #1470*

Sheila Pillsbury, Sanford #1470


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