The last two months have been very busy. I was in and out of the hospital most of December. I feel fine now and getting better with each day. Stephanie and I are looking forward to our visitations to both Rockland on Saturday February 11 and Skowhegan-Madison on Saturday February 18.

We were at the Coastal Hoop Shoot at Brunswick. It was an excellent event. Professionally run. I want to thank the Bath Lodge for providing brown bag lunches to the participants and their families, to enjoy on their way home. Thanks to all who volunteered. Hope to see everyone at the next level.

I’m sorry to have received First Vice President Corey Day’s resignation. I along with all our members, wish him well in the future. PSP Scott Monroe was appointed to finish out Coreys year.  This position is now opened as well as the Second Vice Presidents position. Both will be voted on during the meeting of the Maine State Association Convention in May 2023.

The MEA is in the process of updating our by-laws. If you have not seen the recommended changes, please visit the Maine Elks website and read them. You can make any recommendations to Bruce Brunelle @ bruce.brunelle76@gmail.com before February 10,2023. They will be voted upon at our state convention in May 2023.

Winter had official arrived!!! Please be safe. Keep your lodges (and homes) walkways, driveways and parking lots clear, salted, sanded and safe. A reminder that the State Trustees budget meeting will be held at Skowhegan-Madison on Sunday February 19,2023 at 1: PM. This meeting is geared toward all State Chairman who want to have their state budget adjusted (up or down) to be heard.  You are encouraged to attend.

Thank You

Fraternally Yours,

Albert Ingraham
MEA State President


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