On the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend Portland Lodge #188 will again be hosting a leg of The Summit Project , honoring Maine’s fallen heroes lost since September 11th, 2001.  Portland has been involved since the beginning in 2013.

Family members meet at the lodge early in the morning, and enjoy a continental breakfast arranged by the lodge through donations from area businesses and friends.  Both Boy and Girl Scouts are on hand to conduct a ceremony in which the scouts lead us in the pledge and national anthem.

As the scouts pass stones to gathered motorcycle riders and state police on motorcycles, the scouts read a few words about the fallen service member who’s name is carved into the stone, which was donated by the serviceman’s family.  As each stone is handed over to the bikers safely pack away their stones in their saddlebags or back packs and begin their journey north, leaving the lodge under the flag suspended between two fire trucks.

The motorcyclists transport their precious cargo to Millinocket where volunteer hikers take over, carrying the stones into Baxter State Park or to other treks throughout Maine and even across the world.

To register to join the convoy or even transport a memorial stone, whether across the road or up the mountain, see The Summit Project for more information.

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