On October 23rd, Bruce Brunelle, Grand Lodge Ritual Committee member, will be in Maine to present a Ritual clinic. All areas of the ritual will be explored and discussed. The clinic will be in Sanford and will start at 9 am. Past Exalted Rulers and current Exalted Rulers are able to take the floor judges test for 1st approval. Any member of the order can take the word judges test and computer test for certification. Please download the Ritualistic Manual from the Grand Lodge website and review prior to the clinic. I strongly urge all Lodge ritual coaches, mentors or helpers attend this clinic to enhance their knowledge for assisting the lodge officers especially to those planning on competing in any of the contests this year.

This year’s state ritual contest will be held on February 26, 2023 at a lodge to be determined. In an effort to encourage more lodges to compete this year, the Maine Elks Ritual Committee will suspend any penalties, with the understanding that they will be assessed at any other competitions that the team would compete in. 87% of your score is based on your words and how you say them. If you have memorized your part, you are over the hardest step. So, plan now to compete for a chance to represent Maine in the National Contest in Minneapolis Minnesota in July 2023. It should be noted that should the first-place team is unable to attend the national contest the 2nd place team is eligible to represent Maine in the contest.

Maine’s Eleven O’clock Toast and the Exalted Rulers charge to the Flag Contests will be held at the Waterville Lodge on March 12, 2023. Both contests are open to Exalted Rulers and Past Exalted Rulers the Highest score of each will represent Maine in the National Contests in Minneapolis. Please note that participation in these contests are worth points for your lodge in the All-American Lodge contest.

Please make plans for Elks Memorial Day on December 4, 2022. Officers should review the Memorial Service Ritual (page 17 Rituals of Special Services 5116010 4/10/2018) and rehearse to make an impressive presentation for the families of the departed members.

The ritual is one of the components of the supreme law of the Order and should be treated as such. Make sure all officers are using up to date rituals. All are available to download at the Ritual Committee’s area at Elks.org. They are pdf files that you can put on your phone, tablet, or computer to use for practice and markup electronically as you perfect your presentation. Your presentation to new members will make a lasting impression! Make sure it’s one you want to make; lasting gratification that they made the right choice by joining the Elks. The instructions for its presentation are included in the “Yellow” “Rituals of Local Lodges” ritual books #511500 dated 10/11/2017. Please take time to present it properly. You as officers are selling the product of Elkdom.
The purpose of the Ritualistic committee is to assist lodges in making impressive presentations to new members and I will be glad to assist any lodge asking for help please feel free to call on me. Anyone wanting more information on ritual, competing in the contest or just being part of our ritual please contact me, Frank Ricker at fjflrick@msn.com

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