The Maine Elks Association Drug Awareness Program mascot “Elroy the Elk,” now has a new e-mail address which can be used to gain access to his calendar to reserve him for your Lodge’s events. Simply e-mail Elroy’s handlers with the dates that you need. Elroy has three suits, with one in each district. The e-mail address is

Elroy has some rules that helps to keep him looking his best when he is in public. This includes the fact that he can be washed after use. Please hang him up to dry in the Drug Awareness Trailer after use. Also, please help keep his home in the trailer organized by stowing away all items before transporting. He also reminds everyone that only food and water are allowed to be transported in the trailer. No adult beverages are allowed.

If you have any questions, you can contact one of the Drug Awareness District Chair for your District. The District Chairs are:

Central District—Melinda Voisine–(207) 453-6936
Coastal District–J. Andrew Bolz–(207) 324-7112
Northern District–Alan Harding–(207) 227-1507


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