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First Lady kicks off Fundraiser

First Lady Stephanie’s Fundraisers to equally benefit the MCCP, ENF and Veterans committees have been kicked off.  All tickets are $5.00 each, or twenty-six tickets for $20.

Stephanie will be offering tickets in person at the Association’s Spring Meeting at the Portland Elks #188 and during our convention in May at the Augusta Hilton River Walk.  Go to the First Lady’s page For information on the drawing and prizes.

January 2023 MEA Calendar Winners

2023 MEA Calendar January Winners

1$501659Kevin Overlock244
2$1001182Charles Savage835
3$251526Daniel Chase2738
4$251509Stephanie Ingraham2738
5$251288Charlene Stubbs1521
6$251642Richards Butters2743
7$50195David Gilley2743
8$501665Heidi Worster244
9$25191Janice Murray2743
10$25260John Freeley2743
11$25537Zachary Plant905
12$25483Chris McLain905
13$251370Alan Heal1008
14$50835Karen Berry1470
15$501240Matt Burgess1521
16$1001Lorna Spencer964
17$25576Steve Washington905
18$25452Dorothy Brown1470
19$251656Erthel Vienneau244
20$25662Tracey Grover244
21$50531Greg Brown905
22$50803Alexander Held1470
23$251290Roxanne Day1521
24$251534Ryan Shackford2738
25$25521Wes McGinnis905
26$251648Nina M. Dalton244
27$251538Kathryn Shackford2738
28$50221Holly Smith2743
29$50266Emily Poulin2743
30$25259Louise Freeley2743
31$251045Kathy Heggeman1597

State Hoop Shoot

Begun with the local lodge events in December, the BPOE’s 51st Hoop Shoot  season continues throughout our nation.  On Sunday, January 29th, eighteen young athletes and their families gathered at the Bath Middle School to continue the program by competing at the Maine Elks’ Association’s State Hoop Shoot, hosted by the officers and members of the Bath Elks lodge 934.

3 boys and 3 girls from each Maine district competed, segregated by gender and age into groups of 8-9 years old, 10-11 and 12-13.

Dignitaries were on hand, including the MEA State President Al Ingraham and First Lady Stephanie and BPOE Region 6 Director Mike Stewart and his wife Karen, from Putnam CT lodge 574.

First place Boy and Girl for each age group will be advancing to compete at the BPOE’s Region Six competition in the gymnasium on the USM-Gorham campus the weekend of March 10, 11 & 12.  Advancing girls are Elliana Dyer (Skowhegan-Madison), Audrey Gould (Bath) and Jaelyn Lydick (Biddeford-Saco) and the boys are Landon Magnusson (Augusta), Mason Thayer (Bangor) and Evan Haskell (Ellsworth).

Helping in the gymnasium were Gage Suitter, Edie McKay, Camdyn Johnson and Calin Gould from Morse High School Sports to retrieve and return the balls, and calling the shots as Referees were Elks Joe Winchel from Portland #188 and Danny Daigle from Brunswick #2043.  Scorekeepers for the day were Pete Hudson, Warren Hewes, Rod Bauer, Dewey Fraser, Chris Wallace and Fred Mitchell.

Photos of the State Shoot were captured by the MEA PR Director, and can be accessed Here

State President Message-February 2023


The last two months have been very busy. I was in and out of the hospital most of December. I feel fine now and getting better with each day. Stephanie and I are looking forward to our visitations to both Rockland on Saturday February 11 and Skowhegan-Madison on Saturday February 18.

We were at the Coastal Hoop Shoot at Brunswick. It was an excellent event. Professionally run. I want to thank the Bath Lodge for providing brown bag lunches to the participants and their families, to enjoy on their way home. Thanks to all who volunteered. Hope to see everyone at the next level.

I’m sorry to have received First Vice President Corey Day’s resignation. I along with all our members, wish him well in the future. PSP Scott Monroe was appointed to finish out Coreys year.  This position is now opened as well as the Second Vice Presidents position. Both will be voted on during the meeting of the Maine State Association Convention in May 2023.

The MEA is in the process of updating our by-laws. If you have not seen the recommended changes, please visit the Maine Elks website and read them. You can make any recommendations to Bruce Brunelle @ before February 10,2023. They will be voted upon at our state convention in May 2023.

Winter had official arrived!!! Please be safe. Keep your lodges (and homes) walkways, driveways and parking lots clear, salted, sanded and safe. A reminder that the State Trustees budget meeting will be held at Skowhegan-Madison on Sunday February 19,2023 at 1: PM. This meeting is geared toward all State Chairman who want to have their state budget adjusted (up or down) to be heard.  You are encouraged to attend.

Thank You

Fraternally Yours,

Albert Ingraham
MEA State President


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