The Justin L. Ingersoll Jr. Award

“Officer of the Year”

This award was established by then MEA President Donald Richard in 1994 to recognize an officer that provided outstanding service to the association. He named the award after Justin L. Ingersoll Jr. known to Elk members simply as “Judd.” He made Judd the first recipient of this award. Judd’s was recognized for his long and dedicated service to the association and that Judd had been a mentor to many members who went on to make significant contributions by their service to the association.

Judd was a 21-year veteran of the United States Navy, retiring as a Senior Chief in 1976. He was a member of the Bath Lodge of Elks # 934 for 45 years, having been initiated in 1968. Judd served as Exalted Ruler of his Lodge 73-74, Sate President of the MEA in 80-81, DDGER 87-88. He served as secretary of his lodge for decades.

Judd always had a love for the Elks ritual, and he participated in many ritual contests for years as both a Word and Floor judge. He also served as his lodge’s Ritual Coach for decades. He was the MEA Ritual Coach of the Year for 2006-07. His dedication to the Order also led to his recognition as Bath’s Elk of the Year, and Officer of the Year, and in 1990 he was honored by the MEA by being named Elk of the Year.

No one who ever worked with Judd will ever forget his willingness to share his knowledge and expertise as an Officer, a Ritualist, and his dedication to all that is good about our Order.

This year’s recipient can be found here.

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