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Scholarships Chair is Enjoying the Season!

Love this time of year when my world is surrounded by some pretty amazing Elk Scholars and Volunteers! Congratulations, to all, it’s an honor to serve the Maine Elks Association as Scholarship Coordinator.

Congratulations, Michael Hannigan, Maine Elks Association Scholarship Special Citation Award.
I’m looking forward to traveling to Austin, Texas for the National Convention this year and meeting the wonderful people I work with at the Elks National Foundation Scholarship Office.
It just doesn’t get better than this, just saying!!!

Portland Elks Lodge to Host Summit Project

On Saturday, May 25, 2024, starting at 7 AM, the Portland Elks Lodge #188 will be hosting The Summit Project, a non-profit organization that honors Maine’s post-9/11 fallen heroes. Families of those fallen heroes donate stones that symbolize their loved ones. The stones are then carried to the summit of Mt. Katahdin, where they will be placed in remembrance of the fallen hero.

The day will begin with a continental breakfast at the Portland Lodge. After breakfast, a troop of local scouts will be leading the Pledge of Allegiance and the National Anthem. The scouts will then give a motorcycle rider stones engraved with the names of Maine’s fallen heroes, along with details about each hero, so that they know more about the person whom the stone represents. Riders will then place the stone in their backpack or saddlebag and convoy to Millinocket by 9 a.m. The riders will then pass their stones and information to hikers who will make the trek to the summit of the mountain.

The Maine State Police will accompany the convoy throughout the entire route. The Portland and South Portland Fire Departments will raise the American Flag, under which the convoy will pass. This year, the Maine Elks Motorcycle Riders will also be participating in the event. Gold Star families are also invited as guests for the event.

This will be the Portland Elk Lodge’s 11th year hosting this event. If you would like more information, contact Past Exalted Ruler Martha Binette of the Portland Elks Lodge at


President Hannigan’s First Comments to the Association

Greetings fellow Elks, distinguished guests and a special hello to all my friends, supporters and fellow members of Houlton #835 as well as our friends from Dennysville, who made the trip here today. As you are probably aware, I am Mike Hannigan. I’d like to start by introducing my family. Many of you have met my youngest daughter Heather. My second son Seth is here with his fiancé Abby Glidden, my oldest son Gabe could not make it. And most of you know my wife Denise. Myself, Denise, Heather, Seth and Gabe are all members of Houlton Lodge #835.
Now, let me address what I believe is the elephant in the room.  I’d love to stand here and tell you it seems like yesterday when I started this journey, but compared to most who have stood at this podium, I did.  I am also aware that this opportunity arose from the misfortune of a brother elk, and for them I am truly sorry.  But, to paraphrase the lecturing knight, we cannot retrace our steps nor call back the days that are gone, but I will make the most of the opportunity I have been afforded.  I think it will be helpful to you to understand my goals by being aware of one of my personal philosophies; Lust for the Future and Treasure the Past.

Before I get into my hopes for the year, I am first going to introduce myself to you, this is likely the only time you’ve heard about me from me and will likely be the last time you’ll listen to me tell you about me.  I only do it now so that you know where I come from and so that you can help me get us to where I want us to be. I am Michael Hannigan, Ph.D. the sixth member of the Houlton Lodge to serve as a state president, and the second doctor.  The first was Dr. Ebbett in 1950-51, he was a physician, what most of my students would call a “real doctor.”  I recently learned he delivered my mother back in 1945.
I am a scientist by training and a teacher by vocation.  As a teacher, I follow in a long and storied line of Maine Elk leaders.  Perhaps foremost among these is the Honorable Amos McCallum, whom I did not know well but learned many of his ways from his beloved followers. In addition to Amos, there have been many others, the gentleman who just installed me as well as his late wife, Michael and Freddie Powers are among these.  They have acted as mentors to myself and many others in the state association and our Lodge.  Now, could I ask that all educators here, please raise your hand?
No, I am sorry, I don’t think you understood what I said.  I said, all educators, not all “teachers.”  All of you should have your hand raised. No matter what your profession is, you by choice or chance are an educator to those around you.  Whenever you perform a good deed honestly and promptly you educate others about your character and our mission.  However you act, it educates someone about you and what you represent.  Remember this when you go back to your Lodge and continue to strive to be a great educator, you new ERs especially, for to paraphrase Ann Lieberman “Great educators empathize with people, respect them, and believe that each one has something special that can be built upon.”

Enough of me, let me introduce to you my appointees. Robert Cleary, PER, HLM, and former secretary extraordinaire from Houlton Lodge #835 will be my Tiler. I am particularly proud of this as he has been a great mentor to me and I served as his esquire when he was E.R. in Houlton. Representing the youthful side of the crew is Sergeant at Arms Jeff Bosse PER, from Old Town Lodge #1287.  Jeff was a great E.R. when I was a district deputy and he’s been involved in the state association for awhile.  He was also recently named as an olympic coach.  In the role of chaplain representing the other end of the generational spectrum is Michael Powers, PSP, PDDGER, from Houlton Lodge #835.  He has been a friend and guide since I began in Elkdom, and honestly even well before, he was my junior high teacher.  This mix of the past and future exemplifies my underlying theme, I believe, like Jimmy Buffet that to succeed and enjoy life we must lust for the future, but treasure the past.
Ok, let me explain the symbolism behind my pin design.  I think it nicely reflects the undercurrent of my philosophy: lust for the future but treasure the past.  The State shape is obvious but the colors, tree and the north star are nods to the State flag that flew at the turn of the 20th century.  In the tree trunk is 835 which is where my roots in elkdom are still found.  The motto this year alludes to the ritual of initiation, and I hope to encourage a renewal of ritual in our Lodges.
Now for more of my vision of the year ahead.  A vision I hope you will embrace and help me fulfill. I’ll start with my hope for communicating information to our membership.  I have appointed highly qualified and enthusiastic committee chairs.  They are anxious to provide as many of our members as possible a great deal of useful and important information.  I’d like to share some things that I believe are keys to communicating an idea.  The first is to be able to clearly define the idea yourself. Decide what it its you are going to try and communicate in as succinct a way as you can.  Write it down and use your notes.  Secondly, as a research scientist, educator, and teacher I have learned that the trick to getting a point across is “brevity leads to clarity”.  I encourage all of our committees to pick one important topic for each quarterly meeting to communicate and report pertinent information about.  Use the opportunity to educate the association members present. While there are many important aspects of each committee I encourage our chairmen to use the numerous and wonderful other venues of communications available such as the web site to keep membership informed throughout the year.
As I have stated I was trained as a biomedical researcher and worked numerous years researching in the field of immunology, the science of how we protect ourselves from diseases, and in particular a cell called the neutrophil.  Other than Bob, and possibly Claris, most of you have likely not heard of the lowly neutrophil.  However, this cell type is involved in many things including infectious disease, autoimmunity and cancers; including childhood cancers.  In that career as a scientist I spent many days, nights, weekends, and holidays tied to a lab bench and a word processor, maybe because of that I have a special place in my heart for those who continue to do biomedical research, as well as those who use the tools developed at the bench top to treat patients.  And I know we all feel for those patients, families, and caregivers including the bedside staff that faces this devastating disease daily. I therefore am going to particularly focus on MCCP fundraising.  MCCP, has programs that directly touches all the individuals I just alluded too.  My goal for MCCP will be $350,000.00.

Now Grand Lodge programing.  I whole heartedly stand by all of our missions especially ENF and ritual.  All Lodges should to participate in as many of the Grand Lodge programs as possible, including hoop shoot, soccer shoot, drug awareness, and americanism.
We all know that it is the duty of Elks to support our country and communities, lets also take advantage of the privileges Elkdom bestows on us with ENF grants.  I really want every Maine Lodge to put in for all grants available to them. To make this happen, all Lodges need to meet their per-capita, it is a small investment with a huge return. My goal for the State ENF will be $115,000.
I also want to challenge all Lodges to be represented at the 11th hour toast and flag presentation contests.  Again we should always look to the future and treasure the past.  These contests do just that and hopefully rekindle the love of ritual, but reduce the challenges to Lodges.
In short, I hope to lead with a invigorated freshness, having not carried the burdens of leadership as long as many of my predecessors.  I promise sincerely I will speak to you when I have something to say, not just to say something.  And I know, I have a lot of work to do, and you my colleagues with leadership titles, we have a lot of work to do.  So lets get on with it, I am confident you will be both great working partners and my constructive critics. I will need no less.
I think all of these lofty goals are summed up in my motto for the upcoming year. “Helping ME in thought word and deed; Taking care of MCCP, Vets, Communities and each other.” Notice ME represents Maine, as I hope to represent the Maine Elks Association.  Thought word and deed have always been our higher and nobler charity, for undoubtedly as the year progresses the kindliest feelings we have today will be strained, and our resolve will be tested.  So may we each be aided in our parts and together catch the inspiration of a high resolve for We Are THE ELKS.

President Sandi’s Farewell Report

Dear Maine Elks Association Members:

Since the last meeting I had my visit at Waterville where it started on Friday where we played LRC game after dinner with all the proceeds going to MCCP.

Our hotel was decorated in red and black plaid (which was the theme from National Convention).  They gave us a beautiful plaid bag with our names embroidered on it and inside was a plush plaid blanket and t-Shirt for both of us, with a plaid moose on it and our names and years we were State President.  A stuffed moose with a plaid jacket on it and more items. There were snacks and beverages as well as a vase of red and white flowers with a black bow accent to match the plaid theme.

Saturday night we had a wonderful meal cooked by our chefs Greg and Karen Grenier, and on the tables ER Jen had hand-made Moose so you could take one home for a donation to MCCP.  In the end our own Karen Grenier and Carlette Eaton donated extra money to round up the donation to MCCP up to an even $1,600!!  Along with the evening’s main focus on MCCP, ER Jen had recently been in a car crash and there was a donation jar for her that raised $650.00 to help her with medical expenses.

After I got roasted and toasted, we had a great DJ and Dave and I were crowned King and Queen of the Prom!

The next morning the Waterville Lodge hosted the Associations Spring meeting.  Thanks to everyone who attended and very special recognition goes to the Waterville members for their support to Dave this year as well as the great homecoming event they put together.

Our last visit was to Millinocket where Ron met us at the hotel.  It was St. Patrick’s Day weekend and I had forgotten to bring anything green!!  But in the room was a beautiful wooden tray made by Maine Heritage Timber Co. and on it was a GREEN scarf and hat along with two mug glasses and snacks.  The fridge was stocked with cold drinks to enjoy and the room had a beautiful vase of flowers.  We were able to relax for a little bit, then headed to the Lodge for homemade pizza, along with playing a few pull tabs.

The following day Ron and Michelle picked us up to take us to River Drivers Restaurant for a wonderful lunch.  We walked out through the gardens to the beach and got some wonderful pictures.  We next headed to Knife’s Edge Brewery where we took a tour of the brewery and were able to enjoy a few cold samples of their products.  We left the brewery and drove up to “The Rock(Pockwockamus Rock) for more photos – you usually can’t get there this time of year without a snowmobile!

We later went to the Lodge for their Installation of Officers that was performed by PER’s from other Lodges!  Afterwards we had a nice dinner and enjoyed the awards given out and then headed downstairs to listen to the DJ, who entertained us and I even danced with a Unicorn!! (You can ask Craig Johnson about that)  The following morning we went back to the Lodge for an “Irish breakfast” cooked by the Installing Officers!  Thanks Millinocket and the Installing Officers for a wonderful weekend!!

Congratulations to all the New Exalted Rulers and new Committee chairs.

I would like to thank Augusta Lodge for hosting my last meeting and thanks to all who have attended.  I can thank everyone for their support this year. The rest of my report is in the book!

Love to you all in Elkdom!  Sandi

MEA Calendar Winners for April 2024

1520Mary Hartnett $ 25.00 Houlton
21098Zachary Sprouse $ 25.00 Wells
3131Collen White $ 25.00 Bath
41107Lucas Chase $ 25.00 Wells
5236Kathy Russell $ 25.00 Bidd-Saco
61206Jacob Grant $ 50.00 Ellswrorth
7828Laurie J. Simmons $ 50.00 Rockland
8699Doris Coburn $ 25.00 Portland
9650Greg Bosse $ 25.00 Old Town
10192Sherry Corbeil $ 25.00 Bidd-Saco
111685Susan Pushaw $ 25.00 Rockland
121447Scott Kigas $ 25.00 Bangor
13406Terry Mosher $ 50.00 Farmington
141227Nancy Corliss $ 50.00 Ellsworth
151739Nicole Burnham $ 100.00 Farmington
16541Kathy Hamilton $ 25.00 Millinocket
171578MaKenna Cameron $ 25.00 Rockland
181499Jim Cleaves $ 25.00 Augusta
19636Kelly Stoyell $ 25.00 Old Town
20296Bonita Gonzalez $ 50.00 Ellsworth
21606Adam Darling $ 50.00 Millinocket
22901Michael Avery $ 25.00 Sanford
231032Crystal Dorr $ 25.00 Waterville
24388Margaret Perry $ 25.00 Ellsworth
251704Anne McNally $ 25.00 Rockland
261545Jim Dixon $ 25.00 Portland
271089Jennifer Wade $ 50.00 Wells
28135Matthew Ketchum $ 50.00 Bath
2996Joan Ruuk $ 25.00 Bangor
301047Karen Orloff $ 25.00 Waterille

Bangor Elks Put ENF Money to Work

The Bangor Elks #244 recently received an Elks National Foundation Freedom Grant and are utilizing the funds to host a cookout for the residents and staff at the Maine Veterans Home in Bangor.  The lodge expects to serve lunch for approximately 180 at the event scheduled for June 14th, 2024 at 10 am.

The lodge is also providing a stock of potting soil for the the Veterans utilize in their flower and vegetable garden, and gift cards for the bingo playing residents to receive small gifts at bingo.

March Calendar Winners!

11497Aaron Young25.00Augusta
2359Tammy Dow50.00Ellsworth
3709Timothy Dame50.00Portland
420Lisa Lemelin25.00Augusta
5997Leo Sirois25.00Waterville
6764Bill Leppanen25.00Rockland
7236Kathy Russell25.00Bidd/Saco
81700Nancy Jamo25.00Millinocket
9866Amy Bouffrd50.00Sanford
101183Ellen Shulman50.00Ellsworth
1167Steve Philbrick25.00Bangor
121181John Feeley25.00Ellsworth
13596Julie Rioux25.00Millinocket
141112Diane Chase25.00Wells
15192Sherry Corbeil25.00Bidd/Saco
161437Barry Twitchell50.00Bangor
171315Jamie LaBelle50.00Bangor
18740Desiree Bryant25.00Portland
1918Lisa Lemelin25.00Augusta
201570Regan Myers25.00Rockland
21218Jo-Anne Kahl25.00Bidd/Saco
221758Joel Ramich25.00Farmington
23871Richard Brunelle50.00Sanford
241190Terry Engstrom50.00Ellsworth
25796Tracy Milnes25.00Rockland
26464Kristy Gould25.00Gardiner
27223Karen Dennehy25.00Bidd/Saco
281193Greg Murray25.00Ellsworth
291347John Haney25.00Bangor
301034Scott Moen$50.00 Waterville
31742Allison Bryant$50.00 Portland

Two Elk Leaders make Radio Headlines!

Coast 93.1 Radio

Lina Michaud, a native of Augusta, Maine, embodies the spirit of service and perseverance. She pursued her dreams of establishing a successful daycare while attending college classes at night. In 2010, her dedication culminated in a degree in human services, propelling her into a career as a licensed social worker and devoted advocate for children.

Recognized as the University of Maine in Augusta’s Alumni of the Year in 2022, Lina’s impact extends far beyond academia. With four children and four grandsons, she balances family life with an unwavering commitment to community service. As a past exalted ruler of the Elks and Maine State Elk of the Year, she spearheaded initiatives like the antler program for youth and the State scholarship chair, annually awarding $32k to graduating seniors.

Lina’s philanthropic efforts are wide-ranging, from volunteering at Togus for homeless veterans to founding the Greater Augusta back-to-school program. Her compassion shines through projects like the Maine Children’s Cancer Program weekend and winter coat drive, which have provided essential support to thousands. Lina Michaud’s selflessness and dedication make her a beacon of hope and inspiration, touching the lives of many through her kindness and generosity.

Hear how Lina’s Elk efforts led to  this distintion Lina’s radio Interview


Vassie Fowler serves as the dedicated Executive Director of Seeds of Hope in Biddeford, affectionately known as “Seeds” within the local community. In the face of Biddeford’s growing housing crisis, Seeds of Hope stands as a beacon of support for unhoused neighbors, offering essential services such as a continental breakfast and a warming center at night.

Vassie’s dedication to the mission of Seeds is evident in her unwavering commitment and countless hours of hard work. She organizes volunteers, advocates for funding to sustain the center, and amplifies the voices of those who may otherwise be forgotten in the community.

With compassion and determination, Vassie ensures that Seeds of Hope remains a safe and warm refuge for those in need, providing vital support to vulnerable neighbors during challenging times.

CLICK HERE for more on all 93.1’s 20 Outstanding Women of 2024



Shown presenting a check for $8,000 to Dixie Shaw, Catholic Charites Food and Hunger Services Program Director (R) are Alan Harding, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Presque Isle Elks Lodge #1954, and Melanie Fassold, Elks Exalted Ruler.

Aroostook County, referred to as “The County”, has the oldest median age population of any county in the nation. The people of The County are extremely vulnerable to food insecurity.
Catholic Charities of Maine does more to address the issue of food insecurity in Aroostook than any other non-governmental agency. It supplies food to over twenty-eight food pantries throughout Aroostook. In 2023, those food pantries served over
33,000 people.
In order to assist Catholic Charities of Maine in its efforts to fight food insecurity in Aroostook, the Presque Isle Elks Lodge #1954 gave to Catholic Charities Eight Thousand Dollars ($8,000). This money was the proceeds received by the Presque Isle Elks in relation to three grants received from the Elks National Foundation, a $2,000 Gratitude Grant, a $4,000 Beacon Grant and a $2,000 Spotlight Grant.

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