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Volunteer Your Support to the Touring Wall’s Stop in Sanford

The Sanford Elks Lodge is hosting the travelling Viet Nam Memorial Wall from September 7th to 10th and is looking for volunteers to assist in receiving an maintaining this precious display during it’s time here.
Dawna Legere is the point person putting together the suport team, and she will hold the first Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall meeting on Sunday, March 19th @ 2:00pm in the function room at the Sanford Elks at 13 Elm St in Sanford, ME.
Hosting the wall is a big undertaking and will take many people in support: Once here a team of strong folks is needed to manipulate the large, heavy panels during it’s erection.  Once up and open the wall is manned round-the-clock throughout the display period.
More information on this travelling experience may be gained at  ANYONE interested in participating in this huge event please come – We need you!

Scheduling and Other information for the 11th Hour and Flag Contests March 12th.

The Eleven O’clock Toast contest and Flag Presentation contest will be conducted at the Waterville Elks on Sunday, March 12, 2023.

Each will be two contests one for current Exalted Rulers and one for Past Exalted Rulers belonging to member lodges of the Maine Elks Association. The highest score of the two contests will represent the Maine Elks Association the Grand Lodge Contests in Minneapolis.  The Maine Elks Association is allowing $1,000.00 to each winner to cover 1 round trip airfare and room for 3 nights Saturday, Sunday, Monday.  Preliminary Contest is Sunday and finals are Monday with presentations on Tuesday. All Lodges having a member compete in these contests will be eligible for a 20 points in the All-American Lodge Contest for each contest participated in.

HERE are the ground rules as previously submitted to you for these contests.  We will have judges from the State of Maine. Remember, dress is suit coat and tie, no jeans and appropriate attire for the ladies. (If your lodge has lodge attire re: Blazers, etc that is fine)  No Esquire is required. No jewels are required but optional if you want to wear them.

Flag Presentation Contestants – remember to bring your own American Flag, neatly pressed. You can use your own candidate, but if you don’t have one, we have a member who will do it for all contestants.

All contestants – please arrive by 9:30 AM so we can discuss ground rules.


This is the schedule  (Scheduled according to Lodge #)

10 am

Eleven O’clock Toast contest: (* indicates Exalted Ruler)

Exalted Rulers

Joe Ritchey, Waterville #905*

Pam Heal, Rockland #1008*

Robert Shaw, Sanford #1470*

Roberta Ranger. Farmington #2430*

Past Exalted Rulers

Eric Robinson Bangor #244

Michael Hannagan, Houlton #835

Ronald Smith, Waterville #905

Carlette Eaton Waterville #905

Adam Brock, Sanford #1470

Sheila Pillsbury, Sanford #1470

Aaron Allumbaugh, Farmington #2430


Flag Presentation Contest:

Pam Heal, Rockland #1008*

Robert Shaw, Sanford #1470*

Sheila Pillsbury, Sanford #1470


Vector Sensory Awareness Machine for Veterans-Fundraising Info

Elks National Veterans Service Commission

Robert Kittredge, P.E.R.
Voluntary Service Representative
Augusta Lodge 964
873 Pond Rd. Sidney Maine 04330
207 242 6075


March 6, 2023

Good afternoon,

It has come to my attention that many of you have funds to donate for the purchase of a Vector Sensory awareness Machine at Augusta Maine Veterans Home, and there is some confusion about where to send the money. Please make and send checks to the Maine Veterans Home AND most important in the Memo please write For Vector Sensory Machine

Maine Veterans Home
35 Heroes Way

Augusta, ME 04330

Attn:   Life Enrichment

Thank you, again, for your contribution and support of Maine Veterans and their families.


Robert Kittredge, PER
Voluntary Service Representative

Life Enrichment Coordinator Debbie Sirois and
VAVS Representative Bob Kittredge with the new
Vector Sensory Awareness Machine.

Scholarship Committee Year-end Wrap-up


The MEA Scholarship Committee at 3 levels completed the following Activities & Tasks:

20 Lodge Scholarship Coordinators promoted the MVS Contest, Legacy Awards and Emergency Grants to their Lodge Membership and area High School Guidance Offices. Flyers, Brochures, Posters and Bookmarks were provided to each Lodge by the Elks National Foundation. Also, the use of Social Media, Lodge Newsletters and Newspaper Articles promoted the Scholarship offering.

19 out of 20 of the Lodges had applicants apply for the MVS Contest. Northern District led the way with 53 Applicants, followed by Coastal District with 31 and Central District with 17, for a total of 101 MVS Applicants statewide.

We had two new judges at the State Level, this year, Kathleen Cotterly, PDDGER from the Augusta Lodge and Deborah Mitchell, ER/PER from the Old Town Lodge. We also had the privilege to welcome back retired teacher Shawn Kimball. We feel very fortunate to have his eyes and expertise at this level of judging, as well.

We had a new Scholarship Coordinator at the District Level this year, also. We welcomed Laura Rollins, PER from the Millinocket Lodge.  Laura stumbled across a concern, right from the get-go when the District Applications opened for scoring. In researching the problem and bringing it to the National Level, it was found that the issue was a computer glitch, that was shortly rectified and resolved at the National Level.  Kudos Laura!!!

There were several new Scholarship Coordinators at the local Lodge level, as well. Congratulations, on your commitment to the youth in your communities.  A huge Thank You goes to all that worked hard in promoting the Elks Scholarships Programs. We appreciate your continued support in helping our youth further their educational endeavors.

I am pleased to announce that the following Lodges have scholars that have advanced to the National Level of Judging: Ellsworth, Farmington, Gardiner, Houlton, Portland and Presque Isle.  These top six Scholars and their families will be invited to join us at the Maine Elks Association State Convention on Saturday, May 6th.

It is important that each of the Lodges complete and submit a Scholar/Family Registration Forms with Meal Selections,
and turn them in to Convention Committee Chairperson Vassie Fowler by the noted deadline of April 1st, 2023.  Also, please send a copy of the Scholar/Family Registration forms to me at Lina Michaud, PER & MEA State Scholarship Coordinator, 27 Bunny Street, Augusta, ME 04330 or E-Mail:

I will be sending each Lodge Scholarship Coordinator a copy of the Maine Elks Association District & Lodge Scholarship Awards Letters. These Awards are granted through the Maine Elks Association. This letter will also go out to each Scholar with a copy for their School Guidance Counselor’s, as well.

We should be notified in late March with the list National MVS Finalists and Legacy Award Winners will be announced in late April.

Nominations will be accepted through March 15th for the MEA SPECIAL RECOGNITION AWARD on behalf of their Dedicated and Meritorious Service to the Elks Scholarship Programs and the Youth of his/her community. Nominations may be for present or past service. Submit nominations to Lina Michaud @

Incoming Exalted Rulers, Congratulations!!!  Please be sure to submit complete contact information for your Lodge Scholarship Coordinator, for the MEA Directory, to include, name, address, telephone number and e-mail address. This must be updated in CLMS by your Secretary, too.

ENF Emergency Grant Applications open May 1st. Contact Lina with any questions on these renewable grants for children of disabled or deceased Elks. There are special details and requirements around these grants.

Remember these Scholars are our Future Leaders! Elks Care ~ Elks Share

In Elkdom,
Lina Michaud, PER
MEA Scholarship Coordinator
(207) 485-4710

February 2023 Calendar Winners

1$251344Corianne BennerRockland
2$25365Richard VassalloPortland
3$25708Ronnie LunaBangor
4$501569Renee O'RourkeFarmington
5$501218Taylor LondonHoulton
6$25404Sandra SmithPortland
7$25661Kevin O'ConnellBangor
8$25526Travis MoultonWaterville
9$251095Rori CrossmanBiddeford-Saco
10$251378Justin MyrickRockland
11$501332Angie MurrayRockland
12$50221Holly SmithEllsworth
13$25702Peggy GalarzaBangor
14$252Robert SpencerAugusta
15$25804Kaitlin BrunelleSanford
16$25451Pauline MartinSanford
17$251520Emma ChaseWells
18$50697Emilien BouchardBangor
19$50458Shawn PhillipsSanford
20$1001001George BoissonneaultBath
21$25181Christine RoungevilleEllsworth
22$25736Dan LabbeSanford
23$251212Evan FarleyHoulton
24$251817Dwayne Guy (M)Rockland
25$50367Elliott NathansonPortland
26$501719Stephen CoreyPortland
27$251389Samantha PushawRockland
28$251739Joellen WilliamsonBiddeford-Saco

First Lady kicks off Fundraiser

First Lady Stephanie’s Fundraisers to equally benefit the MCCP, ENF and Veterans committees have been kicked off.  All tickets are $5.00 each, or twenty-six tickets for $20.

Stephanie will be offering tickets in person at the Association’s Spring Meeting at the Portland Elks #188 and during our convention in May at the Augusta Hilton River Walk.  Go to the First Lady’s page For information on the drawing and prizes.

January 2023 MEA Calendar Winners

2023 MEA Calendar January Winners

1$501659Kevin Overlock244
2$1001182Charles Savage835
3$251526Daniel Chase2738
4$251509Stephanie Ingraham2738
5$251288Charlene Stubbs1521
6$251642Richards Butters2743
7$50195David Gilley2743
8$501665Heidi Worster244
9$25191Janice Murray2743
10$25260John Freeley2743
11$25537Zachary Plant905
12$25483Chris McLain905
13$251370Alan Heal1008
14$50835Karen Berry1470
15$501240Matt Burgess1521
16$1001Lorna Spencer964
17$25576Steve Washington905
18$25452Dorothy Brown1470
19$251656Erthel Vienneau244
20$25662Tracey Grover244
21$50531Greg Brown905
22$50803Alexander Held1470
23$251290Roxanne Day1521
24$251534Ryan Shackford2738
25$25521Wes McGinnis905
26$251648Nina M. Dalton244
27$251538Kathryn Shackford2738
28$50221Holly Smith2743
29$50266Emily Poulin2743
30$25259Louise Freeley2743
31$251045Kathy Heggeman1597

State Hoop Shoot

Begun with the local lodge events in December, the BPOE’s 51st Hoop Shoot  season continues throughout our nation.  On Sunday, January 29th, eighteen young athletes and their families gathered at the Bath Middle School to continue the program by competing at the Maine Elks’ Association’s State Hoop Shoot, hosted by the officers and members of the Bath Elks lodge 934.

3 boys and 3 girls from each Maine district competed, segregated by gender and age into groups of 8-9 years old, 10-11 and 12-13.

Dignitaries were on hand, including the MEA State President Al Ingraham and First Lady Stephanie and BPOE Region 6 Director Mike Stewart and his wife Karen, from Putnam CT lodge 574.

First place Boy and Girl for each age group will be advancing to compete at the BPOE’s Region Six competition in the gymnasium on the USM-Gorham campus the weekend of March 10, 11 & 12.  Advancing girls are Elliana Dyer (Skowhegan-Madison), Audrey Gould (Bath) and Jaelyn Lydick (Biddeford-Saco) and the boys are Landon Magnusson (Augusta), Mason Thayer (Bangor) and Evan Haskell (Ellsworth).

Helping in the gymnasium were Gage Suitter, Edie McKay, Camdyn Johnson and Calin Gould from Morse High School Sports to retrieve and return the balls, and calling the shots as Referees were Elks Joe Winchel from Portland #188 and Danny Daigle from Brunswick #2043.  Scorekeepers for the day were Pete Hudson, Warren Hewes, Rod Bauer, Dewey Fraser, Chris Wallace and Fred Mitchell.

Photos of the State Shoot were captured by the MEA PR Director, and can be accessed Here

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