Maine Elks Association Calendar Raffle

Each year, the Maine Elks Association holds a calendar raffle to raise money to fund its committees and operations. The fundraiser is conducted by the 2nd Vice-President, and the Calendars/Tickets are available through your Lodge’s State Trustee.

The Calendar Raffle awards money each day of the year ranging from $25 dollars per weekday, $50 dollars on the weekends, $100 dollars on holidays, and $500 dollars on December 21st, which is Past Grand Exalted Ruler Amos McCallum’s Birthday.

Calendars/Tickets are $20 Dollars each, and you can win multiple times during the year as your ticket is returned to the barrel. 

For more information on the Calendar Raffle, or to obtain tickets, you can contact the MEA 2nd Vice-President:

Corey Day
36 January Lane
Milford, ME 04461-3412
(207) 951-3955

Recent Calendar Winners

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