Maroon “Moo-Moo” Nemer Award

“Committeeman of the Year”

This award was established in 1993, by then President of the Association, Roger Sicard. The purpose of the award is to honor and recognize a committee person who demonstrates outstanding commitment to the work of the committee on which they serve as well as the Maine Elks Association.

President Sicard asked Maroon Nemer, affectionately known to many Elks simply nicknamed “Moo-Moo” to chair the MEA Statue of Liberty Restoration Fundraising Committee in 1992. The goal was to reach $1.00 per capita. He raised that money in less than a year and was the first recipient of this award.

At the age of nine, Maroon Nemer was diagnosed with polio. He was told he would never walk again and spent the next three years in a hospital in an iron lung. This experience was part of what made him the man he would ultimately become. Not only did he walk again; he became a loving family man, successful businessman, a great Elk and a role model to others for what dedication and hard work can help you accomplish in life.

He was an Elk for 47 years; his first 17 years as a member of Waterville Lodge # 905, then as a charter member and driving force behind the development and institution of Skowhegan-Madison Lodge # 2531. Of his many accomplishments, he served as the Exalted Ruler of the lodge for the first four years, President of the MEA in 83-84, DDGER 84-85, MEA Elk of the Year 98-99. However, Moo-Moo was best known as the ENF chairperson of this lodge for 28 years. His fundraising ability is legendary among the members of his lodge and the MEA.

This year’s recipient can be found here.

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