Augusta Elks Lodge Exalted Ruler Tim Rodrigue capturing the trophy from Waterville Elks Lodge Exalted Ruler Jennifer Young.

On November 8, 2023, Grand Exalted Ruler Randy Shook and First Lady Wanda attended a Maine Elks Association banquet in their honor held at the Waterville Elks Lodge #905. During the event, the two had the opportunity to witness a close competition between two Lodges vying for the coveted trophy. At the event both the Augusta Elks Lodge #964 and Skowhegan-Madison Lodge #2531 sent 12 members each to capture the trophy at the event. Under the rules of the Roaming Elk Program, if the number of members between competing Lodges are tied, then the Lodge that travels the furthest will capture the trophy. Reviewing the rulebook, which includes a distance chart for each Lodge, it was determined that the Augusta members traveled approximately 8 tenths of a mile more than Skowhegan to take the trophy.

The Roaming Elk Program was introduced by State President Wayne Cotterly in 2011 to encourage Lodge members to visit other Lodges and to enjoy a friendly competition that helps inspire the cardinal principal of Brotherly Love. The program has grown in popularity over the years, with Lodges going so far as to name the trophies; P.B. Homes in the Northern District, Romeo in the Central District, and Rocky in the Coastal District.

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