It was a calm Friday afternoon on January 27th. A small band of Rockland Elks decided to go visit their friends down at the Portland Elks Lodge. When they arrived some broke bread with the brothers and sisters at the lodge. Others joined them with a beverage. It was noticed there was Rocky the Coastal District Roaming Elk on the shelf.  So, they took a picture of it.
They went on to participate in their 3-card game. There was a break before the DJ would start playing at which point Portland Exalted Ruler Martha Binette introduced the Rockland Elks group and the fact Rocky was going north. The Rockland group thanked Portland for keeping Rocky safe, but it was time for him to come to be with Rocky 1.

ER Martha and Rockland ER Pam felt it was necessary to send a friendly wave to their friend Craig Johnson, ER at Bath.
The following Rockland Elks wish to inform the Roaming Elk administration Rocky had a nice safe trip back to Rockland…ER Pam, Secretary Dwayne, and members Rose, Edna and Alan.

Rocky asked this morning “Who do you think will get me next?”  I just do not know Rock..

As Brotherly Love is one of the four great principles of the Order, the Roaming Elk program was instituted in 2011 as a way for members to have fun traveling to another Lodge in their district to attend events or Lodge Meetings. For a Lodge to capture the trophy in their district, they must have five members of that Lodge travel to a Lodge that holds the Roaming Elk Trophy and attend an event at which they must participate or attend a Lodge meeting. They must remain at the Lodge for at least one hour to capture the trophy. If more than one Lodge attempts to capture the trophy at the same time, the Lodge that has the most members in attendance will take the trophy home. If the number of members is tied, then the Lodge that traveled the furthest will claim the trophy. For more information on the Roaming Elk Program, including the full set of rules, visit

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