The Gambling Control Unit is responsible for the administering and enforcement of the laws and rules governing Beano/Bingo and Games of Chance. This includes licensing and/or registration of games and inspection for compliance which include Agricultural Fairs. Additionally, this Unit shall also assist in the investigations of illegal gambling in Maine.

For questions or information, please contact Public Safety Inspector, James Gass at 207-626-3902 or email at

At the direction of the Legislature, the Gambling Control Unit held a public hearing today to get public comment on rules relating to the operation of sealed ticket games and raffles with use of a payment management system.  Pursuant to LD 1980, the Legislature has directed that rules governing these activities be amended to add a definition of “immediate family member” and, for a Lucky Seven or similar sealed ticket game of chance, to allow limited posting of whether a prize has been awarded and to eliminate the requirement to sell an entire box of serial numbered tickets before the end of that serial-numbered game. Written comments may be submitted by July 18, 2022.

Pending completion of the rulemaking process, we will continue to conduct audits under Title 17, chapter 62, Sub Section 1838 and 1839, but do not intend to conduct other proactive inspections of these types of games.  During this interim period, we will exercise our discretion to enforce compliance with the current rules only to the extent enforcement would be consistent with the Legislature’s intent as expressed in LD 1980.  We will continue to respond to member or consumer complaints as appropriate during this period.

For more information visit the Gambling Control Unit

New information, August 3, 2022: The Gambling Control Unit will be accepting additional written comments on the above rulemaking till August 26, 2022.  Submit your written comments to the GCU at 45 Commerce Dr, Augusta, ME  04330.

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