One of the purposes of the Grand Lodge Session (National Convention) is to deliberate and vote on changes to the laws of the Order. At the 2022 Grand Lodge Session, a total of eleven resolutions were presented and passed that will go into effect 30 days following the close of the convention. They are as follows:

  • Resolution 2022-01-The Secretary & Treasurer have been added to the Board of Directors for all incorporated Lodges.
  • Resolution 2022-02-Digital Storage of Lodge Records was approved for storage of membership related paperwork that pre-dates CLMS.
  • Resolution 2022-03-The age requirement of 65 has been eliminated for Life Membership.
  • Resolution 2022-04-A new Elks National Drug Awareness Commission is to be established.
  • Resolution 2022-05-The Grand Exalted Ruler has been granted the ability to suspend a member for engaging in conduct that involves physical violence, sexual assault, harassment, theft, malicious destruction of property, or involving moral turpitude. The member may be expelled if the conduct is determined to be willful. The Grand Exalted Ruler may, if warranted provide suspension from social privileges in all Lodges for a period of up to 3 years and/or the ineligibility to hold elected or appointed office. The member has the right to appeal to the Grand Forum within 10 days.
  • Resolution 2022-06-A clarification stating that there is NO CHARGE for the issuance of an identification card. (Note that this does not pertain to a Lodge key card)
  • Resolution 2022-07-The Grand Exalted Ruler has been granted an additional five days to analyze any objections or response to an Executive Order before it is finalized.
  • Resolution 2022-08-Local Lodge Committees and Subcommittees may meet by electronic means.
  • Resolution 2022-09-The Grand Exalted Ruler or District Deputy may allow electronic meetings to take place to protect members from serious threat to their health and safety, and to ensure the continuation of Lodge business.
  • Resolution 2022-10-Clarification of the language that states that an unaffiliated spouse of a member may visit a Lodge and attend events as if the spouse were never a member.
  • Resolution 2022-11-The submittal of Grand Lodge Building Applications and Permits and notification of the members for voting on projects may be done by electronic means.

For any questions on these resolutions, please contact your District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler.

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