Gold Star Memorial Wall at the Augusta Elks Lodge #964 on Memorial Day weekend in 2022.

This year for Memorial Day weekend The Augusta Elks Lodge had the honor and privilege of hosting the Gold Stars Tribute Wall on its first trip to our great state. The wall is a traveling memorial created to honor the sacrifice of over 7,200 US Military who lost their lives in service of our nation during the Gulf, Afghanistan, and Iraq Wars. Saturday, the Patriot Riders, joined by the Waterville Elk Riders, led a motorcycle escort leading the truck carrying the wall to the Augusta Elks Lodge. Upon their arrival to the lodge, they were warmly welcomed by over one hundred members and volunteers cheering in celebration. A special Thank You to the Maine State Police, The Augusta Police Department, as well as the Augusta Fire Department for providing the escort assistance and flag display. Sunday morning an emotional opening ceremony was held, with moving words from James Orr, Joyce Richmond (Goldstar Mom) and the Honorable Paul Lepage. The ceremony had representatives from each branch of the military accompanying their branches respective flags and was capped off by a three-rifle volley in memory of the fallen. Through the weekend hundreds of people came from all over the state and even from out of state to marvel and pay their respects,

–Lorana Laliberte, Augusta #964

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