On June 8, 2022, PER “Kip” Clark of the Farmington Elk Lodge reported that seven members of their members traveled to the Waterville Lodge for their wing night. In doing so, they captured the Roaming Elk trophy (Romeo), and brought it back to their Lodge. It is now available for capture at the Farmington Elks Lodge.

The Roaming Elk program began in 2011 under then State President Wayne Cotterly, and is now in its 11th year. New trophies were created this year and were distributed to Elk Lodges at the MEA State Meeting in May. Points are accrued by Elk Lodges for capturing and holding on to the trophy. The Lodge with the most points accrued during the year gets their Lodge’s name on the trophy for that year. The purpose behind the program is provide a reason for members to visit other Elk Lodges, enjoy the fellowship of meeting other members and spending time with them, and it provides the Lodge that currently possesses the trophy with an increase in participation in their meetings or events. This is a fun activity and is open to any member of a Lodge in Maine.

A minimum of five members must travel together to the Lodge that holds the trophy and they must attend either an event or meeting for a minimum of one-hour (If attending an event that has an admission fee, this must be paid by all members capturing the trophy). If more than one Lodge attempts to capture the trophy, the Lodge with the greatest number of members gets to take the trophy home. If both Lodges have the same number of members attending, the Lodge that traveled the furthest takes home the trophy. Only Lodges within a district get to capture the trophy for that district, so no cross-district captures are allowed (e.g., A Coastal District Lodge cannot capture the trophy in the Central District.) For a full set of the rules and to see the current location of the trophy, visit the Roaming Elk page.

As a reminder, if a Lodge captures the trophy, it is important to notify the Public Relations Website team by using the Roaming Elk Capture Report Form. (Note: the member reporting must have access to the members only area (e.g., registered on the MEA Website) to access the form.  Lodges are encouraged to post their events on the MEA Calendar so that the members in other Lodges can see opportunities to capture the trophy. To submit an event for the calendar, use the Calendar Event Submission Form found in the members dashboard in the Members Only area of the website.

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