As a member of an Elks Lodge in Maine, you may have heard Lodge officers and some members talking about the Maine Elks Association, and may have wondered what is this association?

The Maine Elks Association is an organization whose purpose is to further the development of good fellowship and relations among the Elk Lodges in Maine. To protect and promote the interests of the Order, and to offer the Lodges and members an opportunity to communicate, and exchange ideas and information that the Lodges can use to promote Elkdom in their communities.

The Association, much like an Elk Lodge has its own set of officers led by the State President, who conducts the state meetings, appoints chairmen of the state committees, and travels to visit with Elk members across the state.

Each year, there are four regular state meetings held at Elk Lodges across the state. One in August, October, January, and March. The annual meeting is held at the association’s State Convention; held the first weekend in May.

These meetings are open to every Elk member across the state; as every Elk member is a member of the Maine Elks Association. At these meetings, Lodge officers and members can learn more about the programs offered by the Grand Lodge and the latest information that can help their Lodge to prosper and grow. Several Committees hold seminars throughout the year that can cover the programs more in depth.

Fundraising is also a big part of what the Maine Elks Association does. This includes raising money for the association’s major project: The Maine Children’s Cancer Program, a clinic based in Scarborough, Maine that is part of the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital in Portland. The association also conducts an annual fundraiser to help cover its operational costs. You may have seen or participated in this through the association’s calendar raffle. The Association also encourages Lodges and members to show that Elks Care—Elks Share by donating to the Elks National Foundation, the charitable arm of the Elks.

As communication is key to the success of any organization, the Maine Elks Association has a website and a Facebook page where members can learn more about what is happening around the State between meetings. You can find out what is happening by visiting the website at

There you will find more information about the association, its leadership, its programs, events, activities, and more. There is a member only section which will give much more information, but only to Elk Members. To access this area, you will need to register by completing the registration form with your contact information, Lodge, and member number. It’s an easy process, and once you have access, we encourage you to visit the site often as we post the latest information on Elkdom in Maine.

As every Elk Member of a Lodge in Maine is a member of the Maine Elks Association, we encourage you to check out the website, and learn more about how your dues are put to use. You are also invited to attend and participate in the State Meetings throughout the year. You do not have to be a Lodge Officer or Committee member to attend and participate in these meetings. Any Elk Member of a Lodge in Maine that is in good standing (dues paid) is welcome.

We hope to see you at one of our State Meetings or register for the website!

Lodge Newsletter Editors: Feel free to re-print this in your Lodge newsletters and bulletins. An informed member is one who can help spread the work about the good works your Lodge is doing in the community and across the State of Maine.

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