The Roaming Elk Committee has announced that a new report form is available in the Members Only section of the Maine Elks Association Website. A button has been added to the right side of the member dashboard. When a Lodge captures the Roaming Elk from another Lodge, the capturing Lodge is requested to complete and submit the form. Once submitted, the following will happen: An e-mail will be generated and sent to all Lodges in that district to notify them that the trophy was captured, and by which Lodge.

In addition, a news post will be generated for the website as well. The news post will appear after the website editors have an opportunity to review and edit it prior to posting. This will help lighten the load of the Public Relations team. It will also notify the website team so that they can update the Roaming Elk Tracker. Also, a copy will be generated and sent to the person who submitted the form for their records. Lodge Secretaries are requested to pass the information on to their Exalted Ruler, Officers, and Members.

The form itself is self-explanatory. It includes the submitters name, e-mail, date of capture, the Lodge that held the trophy, and the Lodge that captured it. Other information on the form includes the event name, number of members capturing the trophy, and whether more than one Lodge attempted to capture the trophy at the same time. There is also a comment section where you can describe what took place during the capture, and the ability to upload a photo of your Lodge capturing the trophy.

While the ability to e-mail the Public Relations Director with the information, we are requesting members to please fill out the report. As explained above, a button for the report form can be found on the member dashboard (Member Only Area). News of the capture will be posted in the member news section and the Roaming Elk page. We hope that the report form will make it quick and easy to share with everyone your Lodge’s capture of the Roaming Elk.

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