To keep the MEA Website fresh with news and information that will allow the membership to know what is happening here in the State of Maine, the MEA Website Team has made available a new State Committee News reporting form to submit news from their committee. The information that is provided will be e-mailed to the MEA website team, and will be reviewed and posted as requested on the form (either immediately or on a future date)

All MEA State Committee Chairmen are requested to submit their committee’s news as soon as it becomes available, or at the very least on a quarterly basis so that the membership will be kept informed of your activities. Here are some of the things that can be included in the news submission:

  • Event information (seminars, clinics, contests, district events, motorcycle rides, fundraisers, etc.)
  • Important Dates (event dates and deadlines)
  • Ideas for Lodge Committee Chairs to use in promoting the program
  • Important information for Lodge Committee Chairs to know
  • Important information for the committee received from the Grand Lodge
  • Reports submitted at the MEA State Meetings
  • Anything that is considered newsworthy for the committee

The information provided by the State Committee Chairmen is critical to the success of the State Association’s programs. The more the Lodges and Members know, the better chance of conducting a successful event or program.¬†Remember, there is no deadline for news submissions, so feel free to submit news as soon as it is available. The MEA Website is available as an important tool for your use in communicating with the membership important information from the State Association. All State Committee Chairmen are encouraged to use this new tool to improve Timely communication is vital to the success of any organization, and the success of the State Committee programs is in your hands.

While the new form that has been made available is for State Committee News, a Lodge and Member News Submission form is in the works and will become available for all Lodges and Members registered on the website to submit local news in the near future.¬† For event information, don’t forget the MEA Calendar Submission Form to submit State and large local events for the MEA Calendar. Together, with everyone’s help, we can make the MEA website the prime source of news and information for the State Association, Lodges, and the membership.


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