As mentioned in a previous article on the State Association Committee News Form, it is the intent of the MEA Website Team to keep fresh news and information flowing on the website. The four people on the MEA Website team just can’t do all the work to find the news, write the news, and then publish it on the website. For this, we need member journalists who are willing to highlight the good works that their Lodge does in their community and to keep the membership of the Maine Elks Association informed of what is taking place across the state.

The submission form is not intended for publication of information that is purely local in nature, nor for advertising events. For event submissions, use the Event Submission Form for adding your Lodge’s event to the calendar. (Make sure to read the limitations on the calendar submission form page.)

News items submitted on this form can include, but is not limited to the following positive news articles:

  • Installation of Officers
  • Your Lodge’s Charitable Work in the Community
  • Major Donations or Community Partnerships
  • Upcoming Major Events involving the State Association (e.g., State President Visits, MCCP Fundraisers, etc.)
  • Your Lodge’s Activities in the Community (Hoop Shoot, Soccer Shoot, Dictionary Project, etc.)
  • Any other news that would be of interest to the members of other Lodges and members across the state.

Please do not include sickness and distress information or if a prominent member passes away. If you wish to report the passing of a member, please use the Remembering our Departed Members form.

When submitting your news, please include the 5 “W’s” and an “H” (Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How) information so that you cover all the bases. Help put the hard work of your members and your Lodge in the spotlight by submitting your news stories that shows that Elks Care–Elks Share.

For more information an writing news articles, download the MEA Public Relations Handbook from the Resources section of the website or the Elks Public Relations and Media Manual from


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