MEA State Scholarship Director Lina Michaud has announced the winners of the Elks National Foundation’s scholarships for the State of Maine. The State received a total of 99 applications from students throughout the state, representing 18 of the 20 Elk Lodges. Leading the way was Rockland Elks Lodge #1008 with a total of 18 applicants. This year, the Maine Elks Association will be recognizing and honoring six winners in the Most Valuable Student Scholarship (MVS) program at the Maine Elks Associations State Convention on April 30, 2022. They will each receive $1,000 each year for four years for a total of $4,000 each. The state will also be awarding six scholarships to district winners and one scholarship for each of the 18 Lodges that submitted applications. A total of $54,000 in MVS Scholarships will be awarded in total.

The MVS program is open to any High School Senior in the State of Maine that is a United States citizen and applications become available online through the Elks National Foundation’s website. This is a national program that offers a total of $2,440,000 in scholarships to deserving students across the country.  Here is a breakdown of what the national winners will receive:

2022 Most Valuable Student Award Offers
500 Four-Year Awards for the
2022-23, 2023-24, 2024-2025, 2025-26 Academic Years
Four-Year Total Award No. of Awards Total
First Place $50,000 2 $100,000
Second Place $40,000 2 $80,000
Third Place $30,000 2 $60,000
Fourth Place $20,000 14 $280,000
Runners Up $4,000 480 $1,920,000
Total: $2,440,000

The Maine Elks Association winners can be found on our website here: SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE | Maine Elks Association

On the Maine Elks Scholarship Committee’s web page, you will find links to the Most Valuable Student Scholarship program, Legacy Scholarships offered to children and grandchildren of the Elks, as well as Emergency Education Grants offered to children of deceased or totally disabled Elk members. As of this time, the Legacy Award winners have not been announced by the Elks National Foundation. For more information on the scholarships offered by the Elks National Foundation, contact MEA State Scholarship Director Lina Michaud, or visit the Elks National Foundation’s scholarship page on

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