The Maine Elks Association Drug Awareness Committee has provided new Drug Information and Fact Sheets on Counterfeit Pills, Fentanyl, and Methamphetamines on the MEA Website which can be found in the Members Resource section here. The following items have been added:

Drug abuse is growing in Maine, and a website has been set up by the Drug Enforcement Agency to highlight what is happening in our state. The information can be found at the “Wake Up Maine” web page. The Elks Drug Awareness Committee is available to answer any questions the members may have regarding the Elks Drug Awareness Program. The Elks are committed to eliminating the use and abuse of illegal drugs by all members of society and believe that in order to ensure a bright future for our country, it is essential that our children be raised in a drug-free environment. For more information, contact State Director Anthony Gause.

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