To: Officers and Members Maine Elks Association
From: Scott Monroe, State President MEA
Subject: Presidents Report

Here we are finishing up one successful Lodge year, and eagerly ramping up to start another. By now every Lodge should have a complete slate of Officers and the Exalted Ruler should be busy appointing committee chairpersons. This is not the time to relax or slow down and forget about the many programs that we must continue to support. We still have members waiting to be initiated, and we must continue to raise ENF funds in hopes we all make our per-capita. Also please continue your efforts collecting contributions to our state major project MCCP as those should be turned in by April 15th, to allow time to compute our accomplishments, and present the check during our State Convention. Outgoing Exalted Rulers and Officers please continue to give advice and assist in your Lodge to ensure a smooth turn over. We must continue to work hard and as always “A.I.M. for Success” to ensure another outstanding year.

As you know our State Hoop Shoot originally scheduled for January 30th, had to be rescheduled due to a statewide snowstorm. This created some major coordination by our State Hoop Shoot Chairman George Jones. After numerous phone calls to the families and children, our district leaders, and volunteers it was rescheduled to take place on February 6th in Bangor. I want to thank George, his team of district leaders, and volunteers for ensuring the shoot was a success. I look forward to attending the regional shoot next week March 11th and 12th in Portland.

Lodge visits are going great. Monika and I have completed 18 to date and have two that have had to be rescheduled due to weather or a conflicting schedule. Since our last meeting in January, we have visited Millinocket, Houlton, Skowhegan and Bangor. Thank you to all the Lodges thus far for the warm welcome we have received during our visits.

Lastly, I ask the entire membership to continue in the great work that has been accomplished so far. Our efforts in membership are truly remarkable and it looks like we are going to end this year with a positive gain in membership. Thank you to everyone who work so hard to ensure our numbers grow. Continue to “A.I.M. for Success” and always practice brotherly love.


Respectfully Submitted,

Scott Monroe PDDGER
State President MEA

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