Roaming Elk Tracker Updates 2019-20

June 19th:  “Good afternoon!  5 members from our lodge went to Waterville last night and brought Romeo home.  He enjoyed a delightful spaghetti dinner put on by the PER’s of their lodge and went back to Skowhegan!  He thanks Waterville Lodge for the hospitality!”


On June 16th seventeen folks from Waterville (15 lodge members) went to the Gardiner Lodge for Sunday breakfast, and took home the Roaming Elk.  Romeo now resides in Waterville.

June 15th the Roaming Elk was captured from Old Town lodge #287 and now resides at Bangor Lodge #244.   The event five Bangor members attended was a Pig roast and drawing.  Bud Kimball

The Gardiner lodge captured the Central District Roaming Elk on June 8th.

Old Town Lodge #1287 Captured P.B HOMES from Bangor Lodge tonight, June 7th, 2019

On June 7th, ten Waterville Elks attended the Corn Hole tourney at the Skowhegan-Madison lodge and re-captured the Roaming Elk.


On June 4th, a group from Skowhegan-Madison went up to Waterville and took Romeo back home with them.

On May 31st, the Waterville Elks captured Central District Roaming Elk Trophy

After the May 3rd through 5th annual State convention the three roaming Elks went home with:

Coastal – Portland #188

Central – Skowhegan-Madison #2531

Northern – Bangor #244