MEA February Calendar Winners

(February 27th: The below list of winners has a correction to the 6th)

MEA Calendar Drawing
First Last City State
1 Sharon Richardson Cornville ME $25.00 1345
2 Tim Callahan Strong ME $50.00 1324
3 Johnathon Bolz Sanford ME $50.00 1043
4 Ken Eaton Waterville ME $25.00 1184
5 Arthur Corliss Ellsworth ME $25.00 1644
6 Peter Duff Bangor ME $25.00 1692
7 Jane Patterson Hampden ME $25.00 1705
8 Sharon Awalt Ellsworth ME $25.00 1657
9 James Nyman Millinocket ME $50.00 1479
10 James Nyman Jr. Lees Summit MO $50.00 1493
11 Arthur Lapointe Skowhegan ME $25.00 1338
12 Tricia Bolz Sanford ME $25.00 1048
13 Andrea Workman Waltham ME $25.00 1809
14 Tonia Bastey Orrington ME $25.00 1711
15 Rebecca Brown Chester ME $25.00 1487
16 Alfred Bowen Rockland ME $50.00 907
17 Laurie Rhoades Milton VT $50.00 1090
18 Mark Sobczak Prospect Harbor ME $100.00 1663
19 Leanne Hoard Stonington ME $25.00 1612
20 Josh Emmons Lisle NY $25.00 3020
21 Alan Harding Presque Isle ME $25.00 3274
22 Irene Bryant Saco ME $25.00 1058
23 Spencer Forrest Trenton ME $50.00 1635
24 Mike Prosser Houlton ME $50.00 1459
25 Gina Brown Houlton AK $25.00 1434
26 Kamie & Sophie Peterson Gaithersberg MD $25.00 1675
27 Nathan Edgar Houlton ME $25.00 1432
28 Ruth Brittain Lamoine ME $25.00 1983

Augusta Elk Nominated for National Honor

Lina Michaud – 2019 State of Maine Mother of the Year Nominee

     The Maine Chapter of American Mothers, Inc., is proud to announce that Lina Michaud has been nominated for the 2019 Maine Mother of the Year.   Lina will be traveling to Washington D.C., April 28th – 30th, 2019 for the National Convention, where the 2019 National Mother of the Year, will be selected and honored.

Lina is the daughter of Terry Cloutier and the late Roland Cloutier of Augusta, Maine.  Lina is married to Mike “Shu” Michaud and is the mother of 2 wonderful Children, Anthony and Asia Le.  She also has two lovely Stepdaughters, Marcy Le Tavano and Emily Drake Michaud.  Lina refers to her 3 Grandsons, Lukas, Reid and Logan, as some of life’s greatest blessings!

Lina is the 4th Member of Le Club Calumet in Augusta to be nominated for this prestigious honor.  Lina joined Le Club Calumet and was initiated with the 1st group of (Female) Members in 2005.  She has served at the Club in various capacities through the years and is very proud of her Franco-American Heritage.

Currently, Lina devotes much of her time to her growing family and the youth in her local community through her Membership with the Elks, promoting scholarships, organizing the Greater Augusta Area Back to School Event and is an Advisor for the Antlers (Junior Elks) Program.  Lina is a strong supporter of the Maine Children’s Cancer Program, Kinship Group of Central Maine, Betsy Ann Ross House of Hope for Homeless Female Veterans, Family Violence Project and numerous other charitable programs.  Her commitment and dedication to her community is truly admirable.

Lina is also a member of Saint Michel’s Parish, the Augusta Emblems Club #233, Veterans of Foreign War and American Legion Post 2 Auxiliaries and serves as the ABC Quilt Coordinator for the Maine Chapter of American Mothers.  Lina is extremely proud to be an Alumni of Cony High School – Class of 1979 and the University of Maine at Augusta where she achieved her Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services.

The Maine Chapter of American Mothers, Inc. cordially invites Family, Friends and Colleagues to join us in congratulating Lina on her nomination and wishing her the very best in Washington D.C. as she competes for the 2019 National Mother of the Year at the 84th Annual Convention.  We are confident Lina will be a great representative for the State of Maine.

Our Chapter is putting on a Spaghetti Supper and Silent Auction to help defray the costs of the associated Convention Expenses.

Date:  Friday, March 29th, 2019

Location:  Le Calumet Club, Member’s Lounge

334 West River Road, Augusta, ME

Time:  Social:  5:00 – 6:00 p.m.

Dinner:  6:00 – 7:30 p.m.

Music:   Archie & Dave

7:30 – 10:00 p.m.

Tickets:  $10.00

     If you would like more information about American Mothers or the Event, please contact our Maine Chapter at: (207) 485-7100  or  (207) 622-3469.

If you are unable to attend the event, but would like to make a donation, please make checks payable to the:

Maine Chapter of American Mothers

C/O Lina Michaud, 27 Bunny Street

Augusta, ME  04330

Updated Veterans Winter Wish List

Good Afternoon,
Attached you will find the Winter Wish List from VA Maine Voluntary Service. Please note that there have been multiple updates made. The most notable change is that we are holding off on accepting any Homeless Housewarming  items at the moment. We have had such a large amount of generous donations that we have run out of space to store them and must deplete some of our supply before we start accepting more items. You can continue to support the Homeless Program by providing gift cards (gas, Hannaford, Wal-Mart,  TracFone), TracFones , or contributing to the Homeless Assistance or the Homeless Stand Down funds. The generosity that has been shown throughout the community is overwhelming. We appreciate all the support that you provide to our Veterans. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.
Thank you,
Melissa Cowing
Voluntary Service Specialist
VA Maine Healthcare System
1 VA Center
Augusta ME. 04330
Tel: (207) 623-8411 x5633

News from the Veterans Committee

Maine’s Plan to End and Prevent Veterans Homelessness
April 12,2017
     This is an excellent plan, several Elks worked on it and we are now seeing positive results.
     A recommendation was made to hire a Maine State Homeless Coordinator and this has been done.
     This is a giant step forward for our homeless program.  On  page 11 the plan details what organizations will be on his committee and  what the  committee will do.
     Additionally $250,000 has been appropriated this year and $200,000 next year to provide ready funds for veterans in need and homeless veterans.
   A “Request For Proposals” is open for submission by vendors who would like to administer the program. Interested vendors should contact the Maine Bureau of Veterans’ Services at
     This is a state wide program and will have several vendors.
Closing date is 22 Feb. Anyone interested should contact Darren for details.
Thank you,
David Hassen
State ENVSC Chairman
VAVS Representative
Togus VA Medical Center
Maine Elks Association

Maine Elks conduct their State Hoop Shoot Competition

Eighteen young free throw shooters from all over the state of Maine gathered at Bangor High School the morning of Sunday, January 27th to conduct the state level Hoop Shoot contest and see who will move on to shoot against the top kids from Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts in the Regional contest to be held at the end of February in Portland.  Winners there will travel to shoot for the National Titles in Chicago, IL.

Beginning with the local lodges, some as early as December, we’ve been searching for young ladies and gentlemen who enjoy to shoot a basketball, to join in a competition to find the best from each lodge area.   Throughout this competitive series the Boy and Girl shooters are divided into three age brackets: 8-9 years old, 10-11 and 12-13.

Those top place local finishers then advanced to the state’s District shoot-offs, depending on their location relative to the Coastal lodges, the Central lodges or the Northern ones.  It’s those District top-place finishers who came to Bangor.

The kids and their families were shown a truly well organized and executed event by the officers and members of the Bangor Lodge, #244.  Competition was keen and everyone attending really enjoyed the day.  Initially tied at 23 each of their 25 shots during the regular competition there was even a five-shot shoot off between Blayne Tardiff and Audrey Mackie to determine overall top Girl shooter of the event.  In the end, Audrey took the trophy, shooting 5 for 5 to Blayne’s 4 of 5 in the shoot-off.  A truly exciting end to the morning’s competition!  Overall top shooter honors for the boys went to Brandon Furbush, Skowhegan-Madison Lodge #2531.

Maine’s top shooters for Fraternal Year 2018-19 are:

8-9       Brandon Furbush – Skowhegan-Madison Lodge #2531                                                     Blayne Tardiff  – Presque Isle Lodge #1954

10-11   Adam Fitzgerald  – Skowhegan-Madison Lodge #2531                                                     Kaylee Baglee – Ellsworth Lodge #2743

12-13   Wesley LaPointe – Presque Isle Lodge #1954                                                                         Audrey Mackie – Rockland Lodge #1008

Pictures from the State Hoop Shoot

MEA January 2019 Calendar Winners

MEA Calendar Drawing
January 2019
First Last City State
1 Ken Sylvester Rockland ME $100.00 955
2 Dawn Lambert Fairfield ME $25.00 1201
3 Alan Harding Presque Isle ME $25.00 3272
4 Laura Grosskurth Surry ME $25.00 1783
5 Nancy Bledsoe Houlton NH $50.00 1458
6 Dave Anderson Winslow ME $50.00 1204
7 Cheryl Fitzgerald Waterville ME $25.00 1228
8 Mike Prosser Houlton ME $25.00 1459
9 Barry Howell Nobleboro ME $25.00 917
10 Paul Winkler Bangor ME $25.00 1704
11 Diane Martitz Winslow ME $25.00 3031
12 Wayne Alley Lamoine ME $50.00 1605
13 Todd Jackson Hermon ME $50.00 1689
14 Conlon Savage Smyrna ME $25.00 1454
15 Kathy Bolduc Oakland ME $25.00 3018
16 Claris Ranger Wilton ME $25.00 1311
17 Jennifer Young Waterville ME $25.00 1190
18 Linda Roy Winslow ME $25.00 3015
19 Kevin Bolduc Oakland ME $50.00 1196
20 Mike Meunier Sanford ME $50.00 993
21 Kathleen Kelly Waterville ME $100.00 3030
22 Tom Darling Millinocket ME $25.00 1516
23 Tom Whited Dedham ME $25.00 913
24 Carol Russell Brewer ME $25.00 1757
25 Kassie Hopkins Hermon ME $25.00 1761
26 Kim Roberts Brewer ME $50.00 1710
27 Gary Turner Bangor ME $50.00 1714
28 Angela E Dunton Pittsfield ME $25.00 1578
29 James McMullen Oakland ME $25.00 1226
30 Tracey Blankenship Sun Prarie WI $25.00 1617
31 Jamie LaBelle Corinth ME $25.00 1943