19th Annual Owie Box Ride is July 10th

Good day everyone!

As of Saturday the route for the 19th Annual Owie Box Run has been set and we are really excited about this year’s ride! The goal this year is to raise at least $5,000 from this ride and we can certainly make this happen however your help is needed!

There are 3 ways we are looking for your help this year:

1.     Sponsor the ride. Donations made to support the run will be donated directly to MCCP and will not be used to support the ride itself. I am looking for businesses or individuals that would like to sponsor per the attached guidelines.

2.    Ride with us and get sponsors! Riders (bikes, cars, etc. are welcome!) are requested to get sponsors for their ride as we have always done. (Sponsor Letter and Pledge Form)

3.    Share this information as much as possible! The ride has been posted on the MEA Facebook page so please share that to your own pages and post the flyer in your lodge.

Attached are copies of the sponsorship letter and pledge sheet along with the flyer for the ride. My goal is for each lodge to obtain 2 sponsors for this event.

We are here to answer any questions there are so please contact me at either by phone at 207.453.6936 or by email at  elks2531secretary@gmail.com  or  Melinda.voisine@gmail.com.

We look forward to another great ride!

Fraternally, Mindy

Event Flier