Claryifying the Togus Wish List


I sent out an email earlier and have since become aware of a very high priority need for our hospitalized veterans. Since they can have no visitors during the virus pandemic the veterans are even more cutoff from contact with the outside world and need something to make connections and occupy their minds. In my asking what is the one thing that would really make a difference in their lives, and the answer I received was i-PADS.  They could use at least 30 of them, at a cost of $327.99 each.

The MEA Veterans Committee is able to free up $1000.00, currently budgeted for the annual Volunteers Recognition dinner, however that will be either canceled or postponed until our next planning year.

This would be a good time to review your contribution goals for the coming year to determine if you are able to help out.  Whatever you can do will make a big difference in the lives of our veterans who need to know that we are still thinking of them and hope that soon they will be able to have family members visit them.

You may make out your checks to VETERANS CANTEEN SERVICE for the purchase of I PADS.  Any amount will help.

Send to:

Jonathan Barczyk, CAVS, Acting Public Affairs Officer Chief, Voluntary Service

VA Maine Healthcare System, 1 VA Center, Augusta, ME 04330

TEL: (207) 623-8411, Ext. 2200

Or you may send your checks to me.

David Hassen, 919 West River Road, Augusta, ME 04330

State ENVSC Chairman, VAVS Representative, Togus VA Medical Center

PS: Please let me know what you send in for donations.  Thank you, David