Association Fall Meeting Plans

On on Saturday, October 19th, our State President, John Desjardins and First Lady Jessica will Visit the Portland lodge. So we will be serving an Italian Buffet for dinner  at a cost of $12.00 per person. If you think you’ll be attending the dinner  the Portland lodge would like to know how many so we plan for enough food. There will be music entertainment for the evening.

Also Sunday October 20th the Fall Elk’s state meeting will be held at the Portland Lodge #188 at 1945 Congress St. Portland.   There will be coffee, donuts and muffins in the morning and make your own sandwich at lunch, for donations.

Please call the lodge at #207-773-7396, with any questions and to let us know if you’ll be attending the Saturday night dinner.

The Comfort Inn at 90 Maine Mall Rd, (207) 775-0409, will hold 10 rooms at the price of $109.00 for Elks members.  Also the Doubletree Hotel across the street from the Maine Mall, will hold 10 rooms for Elks at $194.00:

Reservations should be made by September 10th.