Elks Celebrate Ol’ Glory

Presque Isle PER Alan Harding recently discussed the Elk’s Flag Day ceremony with Channel 8 TV: “Flag Day commemorates the 14th day of June 1777 when the first continental congress first adopted a flag of the union which was then just formed.”

This is the Elks 108th year celebrating Flag Day which, is a mandatory celebration for every elks lodge since 1911.

“Initially Flag Day was known as Texas Elks Flag Day. Now we celebrate Flag Day throughout the United States and we celebrate all the things our flag symbolizes.”

During the annual presentation, the Elks present previous flags and tell their history, including how the design on the flag was created. And of course the current flag is honored.

“We’re celebrating the country, were celebrating the sacrifices, were celebrating the freedom, the liberty, that was hard fought and which must continue to be hard fought in order to maintain. Those are the things that flag represents and that’s the respect that it deserves.”

The flag is a symbol of our strength and sacrifice as a nation. A symbol of the trials and tribulations of our ancestors before us. Today we remember our history and we honor our flag.  Zach Tardie News Source 8