News from the Veterans Committee

Maine’s Plan to End and Prevent Veterans Homelessness
April 12,2017
     This is an excellent plan, several Elks worked on it and we are now seeing positive results.
     A recommendation was made to hire a Maine State Homeless Coordinator and this has been done.
     This is a giant step forward for our homeless program.  On  page 11 the plan details what organizations will be on his committee and  what the  committee will do.
     Additionally $250,000 has been appropriated this year and $200,000 next year to provide ready funds for veterans in need and homeless veterans.
   A “Request For Proposals” is open for submission by vendors who would like to administer the program. Interested vendors should contact the Maine Bureau of Veterans’ Services at
     This is a state wide program and will have several vendors.
Closing date is 22 Feb. Anyone interested should contact Darren for details.
Thank you,
David Hassen
State ENVSC Chairman
VAVS Representative
Togus VA Medical Center
Maine Elks Association