State Hoop Shoot Winners

Pictured above
Front: L-R: Chase Ross (Farmington Elks Lodge #2430), Blayne Tardiff (Presque Isle Elks Lodge #1954), Harry Louis (Skowhegan-Madison Elks Lodge #2531), Alison Griffeth (Skowhegan-Madison Elks Lodge #2531)
Rear: L-R: MEA State President David Anderson, Wyatt Folsom (Augusta Elks Lodge #964), Faith Sjoberg (Presque Isle Elks Lodge #1954), MEA State Hoop Shoot Director George Jones

Chase Ross, representing the Farmington Elks Lodge earned the Amos A. McCallum Award for the boy with the highest score in the competition. Chase shot 25 out of 25 shots to earn him this award. Faith Sjoberg, representing the Presque Isle Elks Lodge earned the Alan W. Richard Award for the girl with the highest score in the competition, she made 23 out of 25 shots to earn this award. This is the third year in a row that Faith has received this recognition. Last year, she finished 3rd at the National Hoop Shoot competition in Chicago, Illinois.

All of the competitors have earned the right to advance to the Regional Hoop Shoot Competition to be held in Portland on March 24, 2018, where they will compete against competitors from Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Vermont.

For more details on the event, contact MEA Hoop Shoot Director George Jones.

Father and son both State Hoop Shoot Winners, sponsored by the Farmington Lodge.  Kirby was State Hoop Shoot winner in 1983, son Chase winner 35 years later.