MEA Meets Our New Sponsor at 2017 Summer Meeting

On Sunday, August 6th, 2017, latest PGER and our new state sponsor Michael and Donna Zellen joined us for the Summer meeting of the Maine Elks Association.  Since he was here, Association President Dave Anderson enlisted Mike’s assistance in presenting a few awards announced last month in Reno, NV.

Maine also finished up the 2016-17 Fraternal Year with a net gain of +40 which earned our state a Citation of Merit in recognition of our “Significant Improvement in Membership” for the year.  State Membership Chairman Ronald Voisine accepted both the citation as well as the certificate reflecting our 10th place finish for membership gains across the nation!

The last significant presentation for the Sunday session was presentation of the two license plates off the Lincoln, owned by our recently departed State Sponsor Amos McCallum.  The Town Car was donated by Amos’s bride Barbara to be the subject of a raffle to benefit the Maine Children’s Cancer Program.  That raffle raised over $8,000 for MCCP, and the front license plate was pledged to the lodge with the greatest per capita sales of tickets for the raffle, with Farmington claiming that honor with $4.09 sales per capita.  The next closest lodge was just over $1 less so Farmington really did quite a job!

Amos’s rear plate was then accepted by PSP and Past Grand Lodge Inner Guard Roger Sicard for display at Amos’s Biddeford-Saco home lodge.